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1893 Colombian World Expo, Presented by Dyke Huish

1893 Colombian World Expo, Presented by Dyke Huish


"Boys in the Boat," Nine Americans and their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, by Olympic Gold Medalist, Peter Vidmar

The non-fiction book is about the University of Washington eight-oared crew which represented the Un..

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Although our headquarters are in Provo, we have chapters and members all over the world. Conferences are what bring us together - to see old friends, make new connections, and learn and grow from one another. The annual leadership conference brings all chapter leaders to BYU for two days for professional presentations, chapter training, and working with the steering committee to focus on our goals for the upcoming year. Regional conferences operate on a local level, bringing neighboring chapters together to share resources and learn from local business leaders.

2018 Women in Business Conference - March 30, 2018

2017 Annual Leadership Conference - September 28-29, 2017

2016 UK and Europe Conference - November 11-12, 2016

2016 Annual Leadership Conference - Sept 29-30, 2016

2015 Annual Leadership Conference - Oct 1-2, 2015

2015 Africa Region Leadership Conference -Accra, Ghana, March 26-28. See websiteflyer, and agenda.

2015 Asia Region Leadership Conference - Taipei, April 24-25. 

2015 Europe Region Leadership Conference

2015 Latin America Region Leadership Conference


2014 Annual Leadership Conference (October 2-3, 2014)

2014 UK and Europe Conference - June 7, 2014

2014 Latin America Leadership Conference (May 2014)

2013 Annual Leadership Conference (October 3-4)

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